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Our human resources management services come as an addition to the wages – related services, being such services that relate to new and current employees management. The Dobexpert team can work together with the your company’s HR department or our team can substitute your department, if there is no such department in your company, so as to provide you with the bringing in of such employees who shall comply with your requirements, as well as to help you maintain the senior employees’ satisfaction degree.

Enhancing efficiency, understanding company needs and current employees management stand for just a few of the main characteristics of our human resources service. Moreover, we provide you with specialized consultancy in the field relating to human resources, recruitment services, internal studies for the determination of the relevant satisfaction degree among current employees, as well as the required documentation relating to the legal provisions in force, as specific to each and every single employee, irrespective of the latter’s labor seniority.

The Dobexpert team shall be right by your company’s side to support you in your process to recruit, employ and supervise the good relations between employees, so as to increase your business efficiency and prosperity!

Part of our activities in the Human Resources Management field is represented by:

  • The operation in REVISAL of the relevant employees according to Government Decision no. 500;
  • Online conclusion and recording in REVISAL of the individual labor agreements;
  • Complete drawing up of the employee’s personal case file;
  • Drawing up Addenda that bring amendments to the individual labor agreement;
  • Drawing up labor seniority certificates for employees;
  • Drawing up the certificates, as requested by company employees;
  • Drawing up staff reports, as requested by the beneficiary;
  • We provide legislative consultancy in human resources and wages – related fields;
  • Drawing up and constantly updating the data base by the recording of individual labor agreements, as well as by means of the amendments occurring within the process;
We provide you with the necessary documentation, as required in view of hiring any individual within your company, as well as drawing up various mandatory documents in terms of complying with the legal parameters in force. We shall assist you with recording the individual labor agreements, drawing up any relevant certificates and other such documents, as well as the ones from the list below, calculating certain wages – related data specific to any given employee and by legislative consulting regarding every single stage of the relevant wages – related process.

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