Insure your company and your employees in case of any emergency cases!

Emergency cases usually occur at unexpected times. That’s why your company should always have a well drawn up plan for employees’ safety, starting with the training by means of exercises and practical demonstrations that it shall provide its employees and up to the relevant documentation, as required in view of ensuring the prevention of any unhappy incidents, such as fires or earthquakes.

Dobexpert team shall handle absolutely every single detail in terms of emergency cases, so as to provide you from a legal perspective with the necessary documentation, as required by the legislation in force as well as to provide you with consulting services in terms of every single detail related to such emergency cases.

The PSI-SU service, namely Fire preventing and extinguishing – emergency cases, as provided by Dobexpert helps you understand what such an emergency case is, how you should act in case of any such event occurrence, how your employees should act in case of the occurrence of any such emergency case, by means of professional training sessions and which is the overall strategy in order to prevent or overcome any such unpleasant events.

Of such emergency cases, the most common ones are fires, earthquakes, electric installation related issues, as well as numerous others alike, for which the legislation in force stipulates certain instructions that you have to comply with.

Turn to Dobexpert so that you don’t get caught by surprise in the event of any such emergency case!
  • Attending the conducting of the company’s own training and checking the staff by means of specific tests;
  • Drawing up the general and periodical training thematic for the entire year;
  • Constant checking together with the relevant appointed individual, the systems and equipments for fire fighting and prevention purposes;
  • Counseling in the case of those individuals requiring licenses;
  • Counseling and attendance in case of any incidents or control on the part of the relevant authorities;
  • Reply to and counseling in terms of the measures ordered by such relevant authorities;
  • Emergency cases – related consultancy.

Regardless of whether you may have a small or large sized company, a big or small number of employees, big or small tools we provide you with the consulting services you need in terms of Labor Security and Health and emergency cases with numerous benefits and advantages.

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