About us


Who are you?

We are one young team specialized in the field relating to labor security and health, emergency cases, human resources and wages.

What makes you different from your competition?

We believe that emphasis should be laid on people, documents are important yet if one invests in people one creates that lovely environment within any given company, and that’s why we focus on training sessions, courses, information, dialogue with each and every single employee, as concerned.

Why should I be impressed by your story?

We’ve started from “scratch” and that’s why we strongly appreciate and value each and every one’s work, even if we talk about a general manager, any non – qualified worker, electrician or driver, we all share the same goal, and that is enjoying our family, a healthy living style and a nice work environment with our colleagues. We’ve also been where you are right now and we know that information is required, yet more importantly what’s really significant is that one runs a business with no worries whatsoever.

2. Challenge

What’s the main issue you’ve been looking a solution for?

Investing in people, in addition to everything required in order to produce anything, people should be informed, they should become aware of any and all matters relating to their own safety and the methods of intervention in any emergency cases, of the papers they are signing at the beginning of their agreement and of what’s written down on their pay slip.

3. Vision

What’s your (unique) idea that you’ve used as a solution to your problem?

People’s access to information. This year we wish to implement an online platform by which all workers can see any time they wish to, any and all relevant instructions under the form of power point presentations or video presentations, testing after each training session, everything in the virtual environment.

4. Conflict

What kind of barriers have you come across on your way?

We prefer to call them challenges, when people get for the first time in contact with any such type of services they are a little bit reluctant, especially labor security and health / emergency cases; and that’s because they are lacking the necessary information, and they are not aware of the latter’s benefit.

5. Triumph

How did you manage to overcome these barriers and be successful?

Being quite a young team, we are really open and flexible, with international expertise. Even if sometimes it’s quite a challenge for us, we are able to explain in a few simple steps which are the benefits of labor security, or of emergency cases, the advantages in case of any control activities or labor accidents, the benefits of enjoying one peaceful environment within the company.

The story of my business

Any successful business is run by people who just love what they’re doing.
The idea of a business started from the founder of Dobexpert, namely Mr. Dobrescu Emilian, who was employed on the position of an officer appointed in terms of labor security and health, emergency cases and fire extinguishing and preventing. 
Meanwhile, Dobrescu Emilian became an Authorized Natural Person, and a few years after, Dobexpert came to light, and that’s when other individuals joined in, namely Dobrescu Paul, Dobrescu Daniel and Dobrescu Andreea. As I’m sure you’ve all figured it out, it’s a family business. 
In time we have helped over 100 small sized, medium and large sized companies, we aim at improving ourselves every step we take, and that’s how we came up with the idea to implement an online platform, one unique instrument for managing anything and everything related to labor security and health, as well as to emergency cases.