About us

In time we have helped over 100 small, medium and large sized companies, we aim at improving ourselves every step we take, and that’s how we came up with the idea to implement an online platform, one unique instrument for managing anything and everything related to labor security and health, as well as to emergency cases. 


Dobexpert team’s mission & vision

Our mission is to help you lower down the risks in terms of labor accidents. These accidents can occur in the absence of any awareness at the company level in terms of the relevance that labor protection and emergency cases stand for.
Our vision is that any and all companies, alongside the latter’s personnel, should benefit of one as less as reasonably possible risky work environment, as far as labor accidents are concerned. In any such scenario, staff’s mood and moral while being at work shall enhance, and implicitly the productivity will do just the same.

Regardless of whether you may have a small or large sized company, a big or small number of employees, big or small tools, we provide you with the consulting services you need in terms of Labor Security and Health and emergency cases with numerous benefits and advantages.